My Interview with Author Ashleigh Galvin

In honor of the launch of Tales of a Sevie last week, I am starting a weekly segment of author interviews that will be updated each Wednesday right here on my blog. :) My first guest is Australian author Ashleigh Galvin of the Amethyst Series.

Ashleigh Galvin Author

 Getting to know the Author:

How long have you been a writer?

AG: I wrote my first novel in Primary school. That was roughly 15 years ago now. Amazing how time flies.

What do you write? What draws you to this genre?

AG: I mostly write YA Fantasy. The reason is simply because this is my favorite genre to read. I read to escape reality which is just a little too boring some times. Add some dragons and now it’s interesting.

What do you think your books offer that others in the same genre do not?

AG: Birth By Fire’s Embrace gives a new angle on a classic Fantasy plot. By introducing fresh and a little quirky characters, it’s been a fantastic experience to write.

Where do you find your inspiration? What motivates you?

AG: Listening to music and going places I’ve never been before are two big ones. Earlier in the year I traveled to Japan and when I returned, I had a lot of inspiration for new stories.

Who are your favorite authors? Why do they inspire you?

AG: JK Rowling is a big one. Not so much for the writing but for how she inspired reading in a generation that was losing that gift.

Is writing your career? Are you writing full time or part time?

AG: Much to my annoyance, it’s currently part time. There is nothing worse than being at work when a bolt of inspiration strikes.

Do you have a favorite motivational phrase?

AG: “JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!” Kidding. Not really. I find motivation comes from within and I’ve learnt that even if you have 0 motivation to write, you still have to so it makes no difference.

Books, Writings, and Routines:

What books have you written? Do you have a favorite?

AG: I’ve written two books so far (Birth By Fire’s Embrace and its sequel) and am working on a third. They are all in the Amethyst Series. My fav would have to be the one I’m currently working on. It’s been so much fun to write I almost can’t stop.

Birth By Fire's Embrace Cover

When you write (books) do you have a specific regimen? If so what is that routine?

AG: Nope. Just write write write. I like to keep track of word count to see if I can break my personal best for words written in a day. I think it’s currently at 6,000.

In your latest book, is there a specific message that you want readers to grasp?

AG: I don’t really write books to try and convey a lesson. My books are just good fun books that someone can come home after a hard day of work, sit down, relax and read a great story.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?

AG: Coming to terms with the fact it was going to be out there in the public’s hands. Very scary.

If this book is part of a series, tell us a little about the series.

AG: Birth By Fire’s Embrace is the first book of the Amethyst Series. It follows Shar’s journey and it currently planned for roughly eight books.

How structured are you when writing? Do you draw an outline before beginning or do you enjoy writing freely from scratch? Or do you use another method?

AG: I do plan out each book before I start writing it. Having said that, the plan changes so often, the first draft is very different from the finished product.

Do you believe there is such a thing as writer’s block?

AG: To me, writers block means you haven’t planned your story well enough. You don’t know how to get your characters from point A to point B.

Do you recommend any “tricks” or tips on how to get through writer’s block?

AG: Two tricks I use. One is to just keep writing even if it sounds horrible. That’s what editing is for. The second is to take a step back and ask your character what they want to do. You’ll find their answer is exactly what you need.


How are your books published? Do you self-publish or go through a publishing company? In your opinion, what are the advantages and/or disadvantages of each?

AG: I was published through Spectacle Media Publishing Group and they have just been fantastic. The perk of a publishing company is that they do this every day. They know what they are doing when it comes to publishing a book. I don’t. I know how to write books. By combining strengths, we have the best chance of making the book as successful as possible. If I had self-published, I would have to worry about marketing and copyediting and design etc, instead of focusing on what I actually want to be doing, writing the next book.

In Conclusion:

How can readers discover more about you and your work?

AG: My website, facebook and twitter are below. I also write articles for the SPMG newsletter and link them to my website.

Official Website: