Reader Reviews

“I know this book is geared toward teenagers, but wow! It made me laugh out loud so hard. I’ve never read something quite like this. The author strays from the traditional writing style – the story is told only through notes that are written to this one girl named Summer. The author makes the characters so real. I feel like I’m reading about friends I had in junior high who would go through these crazy-funny situations. Also, the author made transitions and connections between and across notes seem effortless. It reads very smoothly. I’m not an author, but I think I’d have trouble putting together something like this. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a good laugh with some great characters, especially if you’re a teen girl starting (or already attending) junior high!” -Grayder

“Great little book from a new author, easy read and ENTERTAINING! A nifty little item to carry in your bag and pick up where you left off during waiting periods whilst running around, or a certainly perfect read for a trip! Highly recommend. To be honest, it’s hard to put down when you start anyways:)” – Beth

“Tales of a Sevie is a delightful book. It is full of energy and funny in the way only junior high school can be. It captures the expereince of being a girl in the first year of junior high school in a charming and humorous way while still being honest to the real life expereince. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to recapture their junior high years especially if they have repressed those memories. A funny truth.” – Dr. Bob Nelson

“Great creative read! Very impressed with the creativity of this book and how it plants the seeds for the way it concludes, very subtle, very good. All young girls this age would enjoy and relate to this book!” – Marsha

“I thought this book was very very very good. These girls I would love to be friends with. The drama kept my attention all the way through the book. And I would think that a lot of girls can relate to this book.” - Hannah

“Christina was my favorite character because she is spazzy and funny. I would recommend this book to my friends.”- Harlee 

“I liked reading all the notes from the girls. They’re longer than texting. I thought a lot of the notes were really funny!” - Brooke

“I’ve never read anything like this before with notes. I loved the set-up and thought it was very creative. I would read this book again, recommend it to my friends, and want to read the sequel!” - Alexis

“This book left me thinking about my junior high days remembering all of my notes. I would recommend this book to preteens. When I was younger I always looked for books like this!” - Erin

“A vivid snapshot inside the teen scene on the cusp of technology! Glad the author had the chutzpah to write it down…..and not just text it in. ” - Lee Ann

“I’m not a pre-teen anymore and I STILL found myself relating to this book!” - Brittany

“Such a fun read. I read it so fast. Can’t wait for the next book in the series!” - Hailey

“This is a fun book that will take you back to your friends and days in school. Everyone will find a little of themselves in this book. I really enjoyed it!
” - Carlyle

“‘Tales of a Sevie’ is laugh out loud funny! The characters are so real and that makes their notes (and ridiculous stories) very entertaining. Can’t wait for the sequel!” - Jakin

“I’m glad this book was not sad. It made me laugh and smile the whole way through.” - Sophie

“The ending made me very very happy!” - Heather

“I lol’ed…..a lot.” - Bryn

“I could really relate to these characters. I wish they were my friends!” - Cassie

“I thought the old man story line was hilarious!” - Katie

“I bought this book online for my daughter because I thought it would be fun for her to know what it was like when I was in school, how we girls passed notes all the time. But I ended up really enjoying this book myself! I didn’t know what to expect, that maybe these were just some random notes, but there are actual storylines about what’s going on with these girls as told through the notes. The main character is Summer, the one all the friends write notes to. The notes are mostly about all the boys the girls have crushes on, but also about things that happen to them at school, at home, at the mall, etc. I think the book can actually help young girls know what it’s like going into seventh grade, and told in a  very entertaining clever format.” - Margaret