Author Visits

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Over the years I’ve given several presentations at schools (elementary and junior high), libraries, and book stores throughout Texas on writing and related topics in my book.

I currently offer several presentations, including:

How to Outsmart a Bully – This anti-bullying program is geared towards ‘tweens and teens in grades 5th-8th. Using my book Tales of a Sevie as an example, I discuss how students can deal with bullies in creative ways. This program is so near and dear to my heart because I myself was bullied for several years in elementary and middle school.

 Write What You Know- ‘Write what you know’ was some of the best advice I was given as a young writer. This presentation is set for ‘tweens and teens in grades 5th-8th grade. In this lecture and workshop, I emphasize how students can gather inspiration to write from their own daily lives. This program is designed to get students excited about writing and recognize their own unique experiences have value in the writing world.

How to be a Writer – This lecture is typically outlined for an older audience with students who are interested in writing and publishing a book in the near future, but can easily be adapted and beneficial for all ages. I describe and explain the steps I took to start writing, my routines and schedules, along with the editing and publishing process of writing a book.

All these events and presentations include a Q&A for the students. I can also bring copies of my book to be purchased and signed.

To schedule a visit or for more information on my programs, please feel free to contact me. I am always more than happy to visit with readers of all ages!